Samba TV is a global leader of omniscreen advertising and analytics. Their AI-driven tech stack and comprehensive, highly accurate first-party data drives connectivity and discovery across viewers, brands, programmers, and platforms.

Samba TV’s technology is integrated at the chipset level into 24 of the leading, global Smart TV brands, providing first-party insight into a global addressable footprint of 46M devices across broadcast, cable, over-the-top, and digital media. The world’s leading brands and agencies leverage Samba TV to quantify and amplify media investments across Smart TVs and all the screens we use to watch video. Access audience-layered CTV inventory to maximize reach of your media campaign, national or local.

Our Partnership

FreeWheel’s partnership with Samba TV unlocks access to premium OTT/CTV inventory for Strata platform users. From requesting proposals to executing orders electronically, we’re delivering an end-to-end automated OTT/CTV buying solution to reduce transactional friction and drive results for marketers.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to strata@samba.tv.