Streaming TV is no longer a nice-to-have or a place to test and learn. While others are just getting started, Strategus ran the first ever programmatic OTT/CTV campaign in 2015 and hasn’t stopped innovating since. Boasting integrations with over 180 data and tech partners, along with sophisticated hyper targeting capabilities, Strategus can deliver precision targeted campaigns at scale – down to the zip code level. Tap into the most experienced managed service team in the industry to see “what’s next in OTT/CTV.”

  • Hypertargeting Capabilities: Go beyond the standard location, household income, and age targeting. Strategus can narrow your audience all the way down to dietary restrictions, shopping habits, preferred device, and so much more by using one or more of their proven, fully customizable hypertargeting capabilities.
  • Linear TV Extension: Enhance your linear campaigns by targeting households who have never been exposed or under exposed to linear tv ads. Leverage OTT/CTV to identify and eliminate the overlap and achieve nearly total market coverage.
  • Premium Inventory: Strategus has curated a vast library of inventory across 843 Premium Private Marketplace Deal IDs.
  • Encore Omnichannel: Bridge the gap between CTV advertising and the subsequent re-targeting that happens on another connected device. Sequentially re-target viewers who have watched your OTT/CTV ad with a cross-device message to drive conversions.
  • Attribution Suite: Choose from an ever-growing array of 8 attribution solutions that offer the greatest insights into your campaign’s ROI.
  • Dynamic Reporting: Leverage our 24/7 dashboard to access real-time reporting and ROI tracking. Reporting is customized to your KPI’s and can be white-labeled.

Our Partnership

FreeWheel’s partnership with Strategus unlocks access to premium OTT/CTV inventory for Strata platform users. From requesting proposals and executing orders electronically, to importing electronic invoices for billing and reconciliation, we’re delivering an end-to-end automated OTT/CTV buying solution to reduce transactional friction and drive results for marketers.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in learning more, please go to strategus.com, or reach out to partnerships@freewheel.com.