Audacy offers marketers access to today’s most engaged audiences to create discovery for their brand messages in influential, scaled, premium digital audio environments.

Through branded audio experiences, unique podcast opportunities, digital marketing, smart speaker integrations and more, Audacy partners with marketers to build stronger, more meaningful customer relationships.

Their proprietary data-driven solutions use 1st party data tools to target consumers, measure direct impact on outcomes, and optimize for best results.

Our Partnership

FreeWheel’s partnership with Audacy unlocks access to premium digital audio and podcast inventory for Strata platform users. From requesting proposals and executing orders electronically, to importing electronic invoices for billing and reconciliation, we’re delivering an end-to-end automated digital audio and podcast buying solution to reduce transactional friction and drive results for marketers.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit audacyinc.com/brands-overview, or reach out to partnerships@freewheel.com.