Screenvision Media, the industry leading, premium video media organization that curates powerful storytelling for brands and their audiences on over 200,000 screens nationwide where they live, work, play, shop and more.

Screenvision’s show FRONT + CENTER highlights the best in lifestyle and entertainment content keeping their advertisers as the centerpiece.

LIVE – Reach active consumers in their day to day lives, whether at home, in the airport, at the doctor’s office or anywhere on the go.

WORK – Engage professionals throughout their workday and business travels 

PLAY – Be Front + Center with entertainment seekers while at the movies, at a game, out with friends or wherever their journey takes them.

SHOP – Where better to connect with a consumer than on their path to purchase?

Our Partnership

FreeWheel’s partnership with Screenvision Media unlocks access to premium cinema & digital video inventory for Strata platform users. From requesting proposals and executing orders electronically, to importing electronic invoices for billing and reconciliation, we’re delivering an end-to-end automated cinema & digital video buying solution to reduce transactional friction and drive results for marketers.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit screenvisionmedia.com, or reach out to partnerships@freewheel.com.

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