Vevo is the leading FAST TV network in the market with 33+ global distribution partners in CTV/OTT landscape. Vevo provides local advertisers alignment with the most culturally relevant video content spanning 40 years of the most influential cultural moments documented through our artists visual expression. With 143M viewers every month, 70% being 18-49, Vevo is unique in its ability to access inclusive audience sets at scale within a brand safe environment.

Vevo offers local advertisers the opportunity to work directly with a content provider, guaranteeing delivery through whichever experience or device our viewer prefers. A true reach partner, Vevo provides both an incremental audience no longer tuning in to traditional media AND incremental content in a space cluttered by redundancy. Vevo offers multiple targeting options and content alignment to hit client’s strategy needs, in a transparent and flexible manner.

Our Partnership

FreeWheel’s partnership with Vevo unlocks access to premium OTT/CTV inventory for Strata platform users. From requesting proposals and executing orders electronically, to importing electronic invoices for billing and reconciliation, we’re delivering an end-to-end automated OTT/CTV buying solution to reduce transactional friction and drive results for marketers.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to elizabeth.baxter@vevo.com, or reach out to partnerships@freewheel.com.